Junior High Athletics

All ACP Junior High Athletics are facilitated by our sister-school, Arizona College Prep – Oakland Campus.  ACP-Oakland Junior High Athletics will provide you with sport, coach, location and schedule information

Athletic paperwork and fees for ACP-Erie students participating in junior high athletics will be collected in the front office of the Erie Campus.


Junior High Athletic Clearance Packet     Junior High Clearance Forms

Complete the ONLINE portion, then PRINT it out and TURN IN the items listed below.

Once this list is complete, you will be eligible to tryout.  You will remain eligible all year.

  • Your JRH Online Athletic Clearance coversheet, stating that you have completed your packet (1 page)
  • AIA approved Physical Form, 15.7A to be completed and signed by a parent and 15.7B to be completed and signed by a doctor (4 pages total)
  • Your completed 15.7C MTBI/Concussion Form (1 page)
  • Your completed Consent to Treat form


Questions? Please contact Julie Wilkinson, the ACP -Oakland Athletic Director.