Football Helmet/Shoulder Pad Donations

Football Athletes are to wear school provided helmets and shoulder pads.  If you intend to wear a personally purchased helmet or set of shoulder pads, you must first donate the helmet to the school and follow the below procedures:

Helmet and Shoulder Pad donations must be approved through the CUSD Governing Board.  Until you receive the approval notice, your student athlete may not wear/use the item(s) for practice or competition.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.


PARENTS MUST USE THE BELOW CUSD FORMS.  The Guidelines form is dated July 2016 and the Donation form requires a signature.

Guidelines for Parent Purchased Football Helmet-Shoulder Pads 7-10


CUSD Board Meeting Dates 2019-20


Completed paperwork should be turned in to the Athletic Department Office ASAP so that it can be completed and presented for CUSD Board approval at the earliest date.


Please note that all paperwork must be received in the ACP Athletic Department Office on the Monday before a board meeting at 3:00 p.m. so that we stay compliant with the Superintendent’s office.  Any paperwork received after the deadline will be added to the next board meeting agenda.



Once the equipment is approved,  the Athletic Department will receive an email with the student’s name and equipment that was approved by the Board.