Advice from YOUR Knights Alumni


There is no success without failure. Remember that. As an alumni of a school who gave so much to me, I just thought I’d share some words of wisdom.

Not alot of people really know what goes on behind the scenes of success. All they see is the results. Never let people’s perception of your current results bring you down, always keep moving forward. A little under 6 years ago when I first started wrestling, I was not the kid who I graduated as in my sport. I would get pinned, every day in practice, and the ceiling lights would be very familiar to me. To be blunt, I was absolutely terrible at wrestling. I trained and trained, and all other high caliber wrestlers saw was a weak kid. Into my freshman year, I did OK, but in club practice during the summers I would be getting whooped by a national placer, all summer long. Why am I telling you this? To show that I had HARDSHIP and STRUGGLE. Success was not given to me. At the end of high school, I was a 4x state qualifier, 3x state placer, a record of 124-16, was able to place in Vegas, and was blessed enough to have a college coach give me a chance to wrestle out of state in college on a scholarship. That did not come instantaneously. I see ACP football as a new program at ACP, taking their hardships, who will see success down the road. This goes for all athletes in any sport. Keep working and success will come in many different ways.

Now in my current wrestling career, I’m just beginning my first college season no longer a redshirt freshman. Like everyone, I have the chance now to make a crack at the lineup. At this caliber now, I have to take my own hardships all over again as I did last year mentally and physically. I did not place first or even place at some tournaments my redshirt year of college last year. I am finding myself at the same place I was my freshmen year of high school, having to take hardships to get the success I strive for in college wrestling.

I share this with you to show that even great athletes, the big legends you see on tv or hear about, have to go through this path in different ways. Keep your head high and grind it out. Best of luck to all of you and enjoy the journey and opportunity you have.

Michael Perez

Michael Perez