Winter Break ATR Hours and Coverage

Winter Break ATR Hours


12/18 & 12/19:   Open 12:00-5:00PM


  Open 12:30-5:00PM

Open 1:30-4:00PM

Week of 12/24 – 28:   ATR CLOSED
12/31 – 1/02:   ATR CLOSED
1/03 & 1/04:   Open 8:00-11:00AM


Happy Holidays Knights!

Practices on December 26-28th and January 2nd will not have athletic trainer coverage. Here is what you need to know:


  • In an emergency, dial 9-1-1. Contact parents, and then Amy after emergency has been resolved (call, text, or email).
    • Injuries that constitute an emergency include: head wounds or blows to the head with increasing symptoms, open fractures, and joint dislocations
    • Injuries that necessitate speedy medical attention but not a ride to the hospital are: ANY concussion-like symptoms following a blow to the head or body, and suspected fractures
  • If any non-emergent injury (sprains, strains, or owwies) occurs during uncovered practice times, contact Amy. When in doubt if an injury is urgent or not, contact Amy.
  • ONLY coaches may access the ATR for water during practice times
  • NO treatments may take place without an athletic trainer present (even ice or foam rolling)
  • If WaterBoys are used, they must be emptied, dried out, shut off, and plugged in (do NOT plug in with power switch ON)


Amy Patrick, AT, ATC               (360) 751-1738