Athletic Clearance – Instructions

(no paper pages will be turned in)

ALL Athletes wishing to participate in a sport or manage a sport during the 2020-2021 school year will follow the link in the top white menu bar of this website and
Register An Athlete

Step by Step Instructions for RMA

FULL Instructions: Parent-Training-Register-My-Athlete

One page RMA Parents instructions


When submitting forms in RMA – Please note the following:

15.7A – Physician’s e-signatures will be allowed this year

15.7B – 15.7D  – COVID Form– e-signatures not allowed 

15.7C –  either e-signed or hand signed by parent and student

How do I print off a physical to take to the doctor?

  • Create an account and then you must register for a sport.  (Please register for all sports you intend to tryout for this school year)
  • Towards the bottom of the Registration Checklist is “Other Requirements”.
  • To print off the physical, click on the Magnifying Glass Icon to the right of the physical. There are a total of 4 pages to the AIA physical documents that will need to be completed and scanned.  3 pages for the 15.7A section and 1 page for the 15.7B section.
  • In the upper right hand corner of the page your browser will show a Printer Icon.
  • Click the Printer Icon and print out the physical to take to your doctor.

**Note:  You only need to complete the Brain Book course 1 time during your high school sports career.  When registering for another school year, you will see that your Brain Book has not expired like all of your other forms.

*** ONLY students who attended a HIGH SCHOOL that was NOT ACP last year need to complete the AIA 550 form ***