Athletic Clearance

(no paper pages will be turned in)


ALL Athletes wishing to participate in a sport or manage a sport during the 2019-2020 school year will follow the link in the top white menu bar of this website and
Register An Athlete

Step by Step Instructions for RMA

Instructions: Parent Training – Register My Athlete Users


When submitting forms in RMA – Please note the following:

The (4) AIA forms:

15.7A – no e-signatures allowed

15.7B – no e-signatures allowed

15.7CONLY one that can be either e-signed or hand signed by parent and student
15.7D – no e-signatures allowed


How do I print off a physical to take to the doctor?

Create an account and then you must register for a sport.  

Towards the bottom of the Registration Checklist is “Other Requirements”.  

To print off the physical, click on the Magnifying Glass Icon to the right of the physical. There are a total of 4 pages to the AIA physical documents that will need to be completed and scanned.  3 pages for the 15.7A section and 1 page for the 15.7B section.

In the upper right hand corner of the page your browser will show a Printer Icon.

Click the Printer Icon and print out the physical to take to your doctor.


**Note:  You only need to complete the Brain Book course 1 time during your high school sports career.  If you have turned it in prior to this year, log in to the Brain Book website and reprint your certificate or see Ms. Penny in the Athletic Office to pick up the certificate that you previously turned in.