Multiple Teams · Winter Sports ECA Fee Update

With AIA competitions beginning  January 18th it has been decided to hold off on collecting ECA fees for winter sports until we are closer to the 18th when competitions are scheduled to begin, that way we will have a better idea if the schedule will be modified once again.


Reminder – do not make a tax credit donation in hopes to cover an athlete’s ECA fee.  This is not how the fees are paid and the fee will still show unpaid on the athlete’s account.  You can always make a separate tax credit donation at any time before April 15th to have a tax credit for their State taxes; $200 for single and $400 for married.

Why the Delay?

The reason for this decision is to avoid the requests for refunds of ECA fees if for some unfortunate reason winter sports competitions are cancelled altogether by the State/AIA .  ECA fees are deposited into the team’s tax credit account and they are not refundable.

We know this is not ideal and thank you for your help in getting through the unknown of this situation.  Once the fees are on the students’ accounts, we will ask that they are paid within 1 week.
Bookstores may print fine/fee letters for players to take home to assist in getting these fees paid.