Multiple Teams · AIA Information – 3/12/2020

The AIA is reaching out to all member schools in regard to current discussions involving the COVID-19 Virus, or Coronavirus.

All regular season games and tournaments are under the governance of the member schools and districts. Therefore, the AIA will respect any athletic competition decisions made by those entities in regards to COVID-19. If events are cancelled or changed specifically due to COVID-19, the AIA will waive the fees associated with this. Athletic directors at the member schools will follow regular procedures of cancelling or changing events should this occur.

There will be discussion with the Executive Board on Monday, March 16 at its next meeting. Board members and Executive Director David Hines will be reviewing information gathered from the governor’s office, the Maricopa County Health Department and the National Federation. We hope to share more with our member schools after this meeting as we progress through the spring season.