Knights News · Timeout: Class

CLASS vs unprincipled

To have CLASS is to be one of “a high quality, having a code of values producing the best of its kind”. It is the “Inside Stuff” that is necessary for greatness. To have Class today is to possess outstanding character. Class is a lost word today and we need to recapture its real meaning and quality.

As an athlete, do you promote character, integrity, virtue and substance in yourself and your program, or do you leave these qualities unaddressed, unintentionally making way for a mindset of mediocrity, incompleteness, emptiness and vanity.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph W. Emerson.

Do others describe your team or your program as having “CLASS”?

It is an extremely significant aspect of sports to have the building blocks and mottos in which to live by, a code. You must commit to being of higher character. Commit to going deeper, maturing, honoring others, being a person of substance.

We live in a day and age where teams that have Class are highly respected, but becoming that takes time. We live in an  “immediate” time, everything is a click away, flashy, fabricated. What is on the “outside” is glorified while the “inside” can tend to go unaddressed.

Pride yourself on taking the high road as opposed to the low road. Nobody ever became lesser of a person by doing what is right.

Establish this season, through example, a team with Class. A team respected by opponents, parents and the community alike.


Your Character Matters Team