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Improve vs complacent

Improvement is your first and greatest victory.

Improvement is the increase in value or quality, a growth in maturity. The desire to improve can be learned and subsequently honed into a habit where improvement is second nature, a subconscious rule that you automatically strive for.

Stressing improvement in every moment creates a collective spirit of aspirations, and also creates a disdain for complacency.

“I love to work. You’ve got to love what you do. It takes time, patience and long hours of work trying to improve yourself every day.” – Jack Dempsey

To improve yourself every day is the goal, and that is the mindset that creates champions. Purposefully strive to sharpen all areas of your life every day. Increase in maturity and you will increase in your success.

Athletes who are immature in aspects of his/her craft, who aren’t constantly trying to improve, will result in an immature team. Do you lose your temper when a play doesn’t go as planned? If a bad call happens, how do you respond as an athlete?  As a team?

How you treat others will almost guarantee how your team as a whole will treat others. These mistakes can be prevented by forming a firm mindset and fully dedicating yourself to true and honest improvement every day.

Challenge yourself to constantly develop and never settle for the status quo. Reach ahead, push your personal boundaries and your teammate’s boundaries to improve every day, every game, every season.