Knights News · Tenacious

TENACIOUS v backing down 

The definition of tenacious is not easily pulled apart; holding fast together to stay the course and continue. That is a great quality to emulate as an athlete and also as a team.

It takes time to build a program and team. There are no shortcuts. Therefore, it is essential to “stay the course and continue.”

Are you tenacious to see the game played well? Are you tenacious to develop not just the skills and teamwork required for excellence, but also the attitude and character of yourself and your team?

Drive and will power are the engine that runs the team. If the engine is strong then the unit is capable of achieving more. A season can wear athletes down in so many different ways. Remember, when you are tired you make mistakes but when you are weary, you stop caring. There is a fine line between the two that you must be conscious of  in order to always tenaciously do things right.

Never give up even when times are tough. If you fall five times, get up six. Be a leader of your team. When you maintain a drive and a tenacity to get the job done your teammates will follow in your footsteps. It goes both ways, if you give up on your team they will give up on you.  If you are strong for your team, they will be strong for you.

“Being tough doesn’t mean being nasty, difficult, or unreasonable. It means being tenacious and refusing to give in or give up.” — Unknown

Be that athlete that is not only tenacious in competition, but will fight for the things that matter beyond the game. Be tenacious in the process. This year grow not only as a player, but as a person as well. That is the real legacy you will leave.