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ENDURE vs gives up

We have all had times, in our sport and in our lives, where things get tough and we grow tired. It’s been a long week packed with games, injuries happen, things don’t go as planned and there is nothing you can do about them. That’s life sometimes. It just doesn’t always go your way. The question is how do you react to those times?

To endure means to find an inner strength to finish the things that are set before you. Enduring difficult times takes determination. It also takes a strength of mind to understand that the outcome may not end in your favor; however, you have already chosen to see it through.

It has been said “It’s not how you start the race but how you finish.” This has been a staple of sports since sports originated. In order to finish anything one must have endurance.

Endurance is how one responds to the tough times and still have a “finisher” mentality, it is of the utmost importance to establish a “Play to the End” mentality regardless of the scoreboard.

Resilience can be taught, learned. It is strategically grown in players.

Watch the line between the two and don’t grow weary in doing things right.  This is a long, long process. It takes time to build yourself or a team or a program. There are no shortcuts.

“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that is to be reached in life as by the obstacles which one has to overcome while trying to succeed.”

                                                                                                    – Booker T. Washington

Endurance is a commitment, not an end result. We choose to endure at the beginning of the journey, not the end. Creating a team mindset of endurance no matter what subsequently creates a team mindset of no surrender.

A fight to the finish is a fight well fought, regardless of a win or loss.